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“Can give a worn or aged computer a second chance at life”

PCMag (01/18/2012)


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“You’d be hard pressed to find a more complete collection of system utilities”

TechETA (12/16/2011)

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Conclusion: five stars “If TuneUp released a product for cars, mechanics would go out of business.”

Windows Guide (11/2011)

Reduce the load on your PC!

Do you know how many hidden Windows errors, processes, and autostart items are bogging down your PC?

Locate all those hidden resource hogs with TuneUp Utilities in just a few minutes and get your PC back in peak performance without the annoying Windows errors.


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Concentrate PC performance

Actively used programs receive a performance boost, as if by magic thanks to TuneUp and the brand new Live Optimization 2.0. It automatically prioritizes the application that is currently running even when the processor and memory are at full capacity. Resource hogs can now be eliminated even more effectively than ever. If they appear on a regular basis, just switch them to "Standby" in no time with the help of a wizard. What's more, with Turbo Mode, you can temporarily get rid of 70 applications that slow down your PC. That way, you can concentrate your PC's performance exactly on the applications you need.

Disable autostart programs

Over time, autostart programs that are not needed accumulate in your Windows installation. This increases PC boot time and puts a constant strain on your hard disk, processor, and memory. With TuneUp, you can locate these hidden "road blocks" and get rid of them with just a few clicks.

Get rid of annoying system-clogging clutter

TuneUp Utilities 2014 now cleans some 250 popular PC programs, Windows functions, and browser residue. The significantly improved cleaning features for hard disks and the Windows Registry make for a PC that is clean, stable, and fast.

Defragment the hard disk

Whenever programs are installed or files are moved or deleted, large volumes of data are written on the hard disk. TuneUp sorts the data chaos guaranteeing better access times and transfer rates on the hard disk. This makes copying and moving files faster once again and also significantly increases program boot times.

100% PC performance: Head off resource hogs at the pass with just a few clicks.


Try the full version with our free 15-day trial